Online Challenge II

STEM Team hosted a FREE online quiz on Monday, 6th July at 5 pm (UK time) for children from Key Stage 2 Lower to Key Stage 4. This was a 15 minutes online quiz where children were expected to answer 20 questions within this allotted time.

The questions were based on S.T.E.M. and specifically tailored for each group. All questions were multiple-choice with only one right answer. There were no trick questions. All questions carried equal weightage with no negative marking.  

The below winners were chosen based on their performance within these participants who participated from all over England.

Prizes and Certificates

There were three attractive prizes in each group:

  • First prize – £30,
  • Second – £20,
  • Third – £10.

Online Quiz Winners

Key Stage 2 (Lower) Winners

Jitendra Ronanki
1st Price

Vivaan Deshpande
2nd Price

Saachi Komuravelly
3rd Price

Key Stage 2 (Upper) Winners

Pranav Salian
1st Price

Saahithi Mandava
2nd Price

Aditi Adya
3rd Price

Key Stage 3 Winners

Divit Kothari
1st Price

Nabarun Bora
2nd Price

Aniket Singhal
3rd Price