GCSE Classes

 Why do GCSEs matter?

English and Maths GCSEs are essential qualifications for all jobs. Without them, an individual will struggle to find work. GCSEs are necessary for gaining further qualifications which increase the amount of money one will be able to earn. GCSEs affect which colleges one can attend.

Without at least a grade 4 GCSE (standard pass), a student will be unable to continue studying a subject at A-Level and university. Higher ranked universities which demand higher grades can be applied to with confidence with good GCSE grades.

GCSEs are proof of your ability. Employers, colleges and universities would use the GCSE grades in order to assess the applicant.

Your future career

Good GCSEs guarantee good jobs in specific industries. For example:

  • Engineering – an individual would need an A-Level in Maths, Physics, and Chemistry for engineering courses, which means that one would need good GCSE grades in the Sciences and Maths.
  • Computer programming – requires good GCSEs in Maths and Science (especially Physics).
  • Medicine – competitive courses like medicine demand several good GCSEs, e.g. for the University of Birmingham medical school, applicants must possess 8/9 grades in English, Mathematics and all science subjects (especially Biology).
  • Social work and secondary school teaching – these professions won’t consider an applicant without at least a grade 4/5 in Maths and English Language at GCSE.
  • Nursing and primary school teaching – grade C (or 4 or 5) in GCSE English, Maths and Sciences.

How ASTML helps

We make private tuition affordable for every family. Our pricing model allows every parent to invest in giving their child the best possible chance of success. We aim to improve every student’s grades, by regularly assessing individual progress throughout the course so that we identify and address weaknesses as soon as possible.

Regular progress reports will be given to both students and parents. Our tutors at ASTML are highly qualified, possessing PhD and Master’s degrees in Science, the Humanities, IT and Business from reputable universities, with extensive teaching and industry experience.

ASTML Oldham is housed in a fully-equipped campus featuring 8 classrooms, a computer lab, and a STEM lab. The entire campus is wi-fi enabled and every classroom has individual laptops on the desk for students to use during classroom sessions.

We are fully compliant with all Health and Safety regulations, our staff possess clean DBS records and are trained in student safeguarding.

Course details

  • We offer GCSE Study courses for the following subjects: Science, Mathematics and English Language.
  • Our courses last up to 25 weeks.
  • Each weekly tutorial is one and a half hours long.
  • Tutorials are conducted in smaller groups – half the size of school classes – allowing us to spend more time on ensuring students’ understanding is improved and any weaknesses are remedied.
  • The cost for a complete course is only £299, offering a massive saving compared to other private tutors.
  • Payment plans are available for those unable to pay the full amount up-front.


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