STEM team of ASTML has been providing free tuitions in Science, Maths and English covering Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 curricula. We felt that in the current unprecedented situation, the learning process for a child can continue and offered 90-minute sessions per subject per week starting 30th March 2020.

Response from parents and teachers has been extremely positive more pupils are joining due to extremely encouraging feedback.

Some of the feedback has been:

I found the session very useful and interesting and I would like to join again” – Arjun Singh (Student), Year 9 – Merchant Taylors’ Northwood

“I am really thankful to ASTML for taking this initiative and helping me. Science lesson was very good thanks to Ravi and Maths lesson was good too” – Aachal Desai

“Today’s Maths class was good and Satvick enjoyed it. he was quite pleased and is happy to attend it next week and more” – [Year 3] Suman Iyengar – Satvick’s Mother. 

“My daughter Yashvi, enjoyed the fractions class and learnt a lot. The teacher explained all concepts very well and was very patient.” – [Year 3] Jaynti Kerai – Yashvi’s Father

“I have really enjoyed the Maths session with Dr. Madhavi Amdekar. It is very helpful and helps improve confidence in speech and work. Personally this session has helped me a lot by the tutor being there giving me the feedback for improvement straight away so I can fix it and carry on knowing that I have rectified my work.  Hope to have more tutoring sessions like this.” – Tawhid Uddin, Oasis Academy Oldham

“Aahana enjoyed both Maths and English and would like to continue them.   Both the sessions helped her to understand her capabilities and the areas where she might need to work more. I am very pleased with the teachers and they have explained their subjects very  well.  Thank you to both of them.” – [Year 4]              Rumana Shimpi – Aahana’s Mother